Theme Nights

Theme Nights are a fun way to give Crimson Tide Cruisers the chance to let their freak flags fly! Whether you get into the spirit by dressing up in full costume, or a few simple items – and really you should, it’s a lot of fun – or just take in the epic people watching, theme nights are always a blast!  Simply don your epic themed ensemble after dinner and strut your stuff throughout the night!

Monday, February 10th

Bama created it, so let’s own it! Tonight we gather our Krewe to summon the spirit of the Voodoo Bayou for a proper Carnivale! Mystics, maskers, madmen, mojo makers, gothic apparitions, voodoo priests and priestesses and all other creole creatures, let’s take the French Quarter to the deck. Grab your beads mes amis, time to Mardi Gras & Awe!

Tuesday, February 11th

Bear Bryant’s legend is so vast and steeped in Alabama’s culture that we’re making his trademark houndstooth couture an annual tradition. Fedora hats, ties, jerseys, suits, dresses… if they make it in Houndstooth, put it on, put it all on! You know the old saying “It doesn’t matter what you wear… as long as you wear it with the stylish swagger of a coach who ruled over the Alabama dynasty for 25 years and racked up 6 National Championships before calling it a day.” 🙂

Wednesday, February 12th

Time to embrace your Tacky Tourist and find the loudest Bad Hawaiian Shirt in the gift shop! Stand out from the locals loud & proud and accessorize with florals galore, sandals with socks, fanny packs and anything else obnoxiously laid back that shouts “Which Way to the Buffet?” Don’t worry about being a fashion faux pas, what you wear on vacation, stays on vacation!

Thursday, February 13th

There is no “i” in team and we don’t think there should be in theme costumes either. This is the time to get creative and combine your starting line-up of friends and family into an offensive team of 3 or more to assemble the #1 group costume in the CTC conference. Throw out the theme playbook because tonight how you want to play this is up to you… Three’s Company! The Fantastic Four! A herd of Big Al’s! The Beatles! Bama Cheer Squad! The 1992 Dream Team! Seven Dwarves! Mike Shula quadruplets! Anything goes so don’t play it safe, go for the Win!

Friday, February 14th

It’s been a long week and you deserve to Relax as hard as you Roll. No constrictive polo shirts, fancy sun dresses or jeans that fit much more comfortably 7 buffet visits ago. Tonight’s dress code is “couch and a movie night” chic. You can wear pajamas, onesies, sweats… You can pretty much do whatever you want – as long as it’s comfy! There’s no early bedtime, all the snacks you can eat and maybe even a pillow fight if the parents nod off before midnight! This is a Tide sleepover done right!

Roll Tide. Cruise Tide.

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